Exam dates

Two examination dates are offered each academic year for each module whose credits are earned by written or oral examination. These are determined by the examination office in consultation with the lecturers and published at the beginning of the semester. The first exam opportunity is at the end of the course, i.e. in the last week of lectures of the semester or within the first 2-3 weeks after the lecture period. The date for the repeat examination is usually published with the announcement of the results of the initial examination.

Hereyou can find the exam dates for the summer semester 2021. Please check the file regularly as it will be updated as needed. In addition, on rare occasions, exam dates may be subject to change.

Registration for exams

Students who are enrolled in the Bachelor’s degree program „Computer Science“ and who have not lost their examination entitlement (e.g. through three unsuccessful examination attempts) are admitted to take part in a module examination. Student registration is required to take a module exam.

An exam must be registered within a predefined period (exam registration period). The registration periods are published by the examination office. In general, the registration period starts in the last month of the lecture period of the respective semester and ends 14 days before the respective exam date.

During the registration period, registration takes place online in the RUB eCampus system for the administration of study and examination achievements. If you have any problems, please contact the examination office.

Registration for examinations within the deadlines directly at the examination office is also possible in special cases (e.g. registration to improve the result of an examination that has already been passed).

Deregistration from exams

Any registered examination can be cancelled electronically via eCampus up to seven days before the examination date without giving reasons. Deregistration from examinations within the deadlines directly at the examination office is also possible in special cases.

Withdrawal from exams

In case of illness on the examination date, a medical certificate is required. Original certificates must be submitted to the examination office immediately after the examination, but no later than seven days after the examination date. In cases of doubt, a certificate from a medical officer of the RUB may be requested.

If the examination board recognizes the reasons for the failure, the examination in question will not be counted towards the maximum number of examination attempts.

Exam evaluation

The grades for the individual module examinations are determined by the respective examiner. The following grades can be assigned

  • 1.0; 1.3 (very good)
  • 1,7; 2,0; 2,3 (good)
  • 2.7; 3.0; 3.3 (satisfactory)
  • 3.7; 4.0 (sufficient)
  • 5.0 (not sufficient)

An examination is passed if it has been evaluated with a grade of 4.0 or better. The Audit Committee has adopted a
tablefor converting grades from percentage points.

Repetition of exams

Failed exams can be repeated twice. This means that you have three exam attempts for each exam. An exception is the final thesis, which may only be repeated once.

  • ENB (p. 9 of the PO)
  • Repetition for improvement
Compensation for disadvantages

If an examination candidate can credibly demonstrate by means of a medical certificate that he or she is unable to take an examination in whole or in part in the intended form due to a long-term or permanent physical disability or chronic illness, he or she may apply for compensation for a disadvantage. The informal application including attachments is to be sent to the chairperson of the examination board.

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