Job market

Job market

And after graduation?

Most innovations in today’s society are driven and supported by computer scientists. There is a very high demand for training, which cannot be met by far with the current number of graduates from German universities. Computer scientists are in short supply and in high demand in all industries. The demand is constantly increasing. The bachelor’s degree is career-qualifying and you have the choice of what to do next:

  • with a master’s degree (standard period of study of four semesters),
  • as a computer scientist in industry or in public service authorities
  • in self-employment – with the foundation of a start-up company

The bachelor’s program „Computer Science“ is scientifically well-founded and optimally prepares you for a continuation of your education through a master’s program, in which you can specialize in individual fields according to your own preferences. More knowledge makes you even stronger and more indispensable in the job market, more knowledge opens even more doors for you in the industry. A Master’s degree also gives you the necessary prerequisite for a doctorate and thus for an academic career. While software houses were typical employers for these professionals 30 years ago, the situation is very different today. Computer scientists are key professionals in the financial sector, in engineering, in all government agencies, in many manufacturing companies or in the automotive industry. There is no industry that doesn’t need you!

Jobbing during your studies:

But to work on exciting tasks and interesting projects, you don’t have to wait until you have your bachelor’s degree in the bag.

Already in the first year of study you can acquire important skills, such as programming, and thus work a certain number of hours (typically 8-15 hours per week) in this field. Whether as a student assistant at the university or as a working student in a company, you can also put the concepts you have learned into practice during your studies, further develop yourself in your field of study and earn money in the process. The tasks are varied and there are many open part-time positions.

We support you in your job search by providing contacts and putting you in touch with companies or potential employers at the university, for example through our IT.Connect365 concept.