FAQ – Students

FAQ – Students

No, this is not possible, the study program can only be started in the winter semester. An exception can be made if you have previously studied at another university or in another degree program at the RUB, and in doing so have achieved credits that can be recognized in our degree program. In this case, we talk about „placement in a higher semester“. Under which conditions the placement is possible is described in the item „Placement in a higher semester“.

The last date for submitting an application is Nov. 15, 2021.
Send us the official completed application for classification along with the required documents listed in the application to sb-informatik@rub.de.
After your documents have been reviewed, you will be placed in an appropriate semester based on an assessment of the possible examination and study achievements to be recognized.
We will then hand you the placement document, with which you must then appear at the Student Office to successfully complete the placement process.

Please note: The sum of the actually recognized credit points may differ from the estimate. The individual lecturers will determine if exams are eligible for credit.

You submit an official request to the Computer Science Examination Office. The examination office checks their documents for completeness and sends them to the respective lecturer who teaches a comparable module or thematically similar subjects. After two weeks at the latest, you will be informed by the examination office which examinations have actually been recognized. The results are visible via eCampus after two weeks at the latest.

You can flexibly adjust the pace of your studies to your individual life situation and ability with the support of the student advisors and study for a correspondingly longer period of time on a part-time basis.
For a suggestion on how to complete the degree part-time in nine semesters, click here.

In the course of your studies, situations may arise where you are looking for specific information or you have formalities to complete. In order to support you in the best possible way, you will find a list of all the important offices below, so that you can always find a contact person, see link.

Students with a possible claim for a disadvantage compensation are recommended to have a counseling interview at the „Counseling Center for the Inclusion of Disabled Students“ („Beratungszentrum zur Inklusion Behinderter“, BZI) of the AKAFÖ. In this conversation, potential options for disadvantage compensation can be explored together.

In addition, it is recommended to fill out the AKAFÖ’s application for disadvantage compensation in case of disability or chronic illnesstogether with the AKAFÖ and to submit it with a certificate to the examination office. The Examination Committee will regulate the compensation for disadvantages on the basis of the application and the certificate and will issue a certificate stating which compensation for disadvantages will be granted for which examinations.

In order to successfully pass the General Studies, an examination from the non-engineering courses offered by the Ruhr-Universität Bochum must be passed within the scope of 5 CP. Courses in mathematicsand physicsare also noteligible for credit, but courses in chemistry or biology are. The 5 CP can also be achieved through several different examination achievements, which then add up to 5 CP. In the future, we will provide you with a list of our recommendations for the General Studies.

We would also like to draw your attention to the courses from the optional area. Provided they meet the „non-technical“ criterion, they may be taken.

Recognition Procedure:
In order to have the corresponding examination performance recognized as General Studies, the student must submit a performance record showing successful completion and the award of 5 CP with the stamp and signature of the lecturer or the examination office of the faculty at which the performance was completed to the Computer Science Student Advisory Service. If the original transcript of records is still required, a copy must be made in advance by the student. Showing the original at the examination office is then sufficient.

The course grade does notaffect the bachelor’s degree grade.

Upon application, achievements made at other universities can also be recognized as General Studies. For this purpose, the application for recognition of examination achievements must be completed and sent to the Computer Science Student Advisory Office together with the performance record of the examination to be recognized.