IT Security

IT Security

With the continuing upswing in digitization and the way IT found its path into almost all areas of life, IT security is becoming ever more relevant, as increasing digitization goes hand in hand with an increasing attack surface for cyberattacks. These can affect private individuals as well as the industry, economy and governmental organizations. In addition to data, the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 are also bringing smart devices and machines into focus as potential targets of attack. Security gaps in the IT infrastructure now pose not only risks to privacy and data misuse, but also concrete physical dangers.



Secure and trustworthy IT processes are indispensable for a positive and sustainable use of information technology. Due to the continuous development of ever newer technologies, researchers in the field of IT security are always in a race against time.

Focus areas

secure systems: development of reliable security solutions to detect and prevent attacks on IT systems. The topics range from secure web applications to the detection of software vulnerabilities and new security protocols. Machine learning (ML) research is also becoming increasingly relevant here. Research is being conducted, for example, on the robustness of ML algorithms and attacks against such systems.

embedded security: securely embedding computer systems in their physical environment. The subject of the investigations are, for example, methods to prevent hardware manipulation or the reading of cryptographic keys from smart cards and smartphones. Research is also being conducted into safeguarding new types of applications, such as in electromobility or self-driving cars.

security and usability: investigation of human (mis)behavior as a key component in securing IT systems. Research in this area is highly interdisciplinary and focuses on the safe interaction of people and technology. Work is being done, for example, on new password concepts, the security of CAPTCHAs, and the detection of „fake“ Internet ratings.

Cutting-edge research

The research achievements of CCS members in the field of IT security are not only leading nationwide, but have also been internationally recognized and visible for more than 20 years.

Researchers are embedded in an innovative, interdisciplinary, and international research environment. Important links here are particularly the affiliation with the Horst Görtz Institute for IT Security (HGI) – one of the largest and oldest institutes for IT security in Europe – and with the Cluster of Excellence CASA: Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries, which is based at the HGI. The Center of Computer Science is also closely involved with the Bochum-based Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy.